Release date:

23rd Oct 2018@10AM PT(PC)
21th May 2018 (Oculus Go) 15th Apr 2021 (Oculus Quest - App Lab)


Oculus Quest, Rift and Go, GearVR, SteamVR



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Oculus Quest
Oculus Go
Steam Viveport


USD 9.99


Big Breezy Boat ( B3 ) is a relaxing sailing experience for mobile VR. Immersive yourself in a vast open ocean on your own private yacht.

Designed for Oculus Go with affordability and portability in mind, B3 is a great VR experience to share with friends and family to promote sailing or just relax.


Game studio MarineVerse was founded by a small group of passionate sailors and technologists, spread across the globe and working together through the internet. Big Breezy Boat is the product of years of research, development, design, and testing. MarineVerse first product, VR Regatta, was a well received sailing game for high-end VR. Building on the experience gained in VR Regatta project, MarineVerse goal for Big Breezy Boat was to design an experience that would democratize access to virtual reality sailing by targeting an affordable and easy to use VR platform.


  • Design for affordable mobile VR headsets
  • Steer your yacht and control the sails
  • Immersive spatial audio that really transports your mind
  • Vast open ocean to relax
  • Supports touchpad, controller or gamepad.
  • Compatible with Oculus Go, Rift, SteamVR headsets and Gear VR
  • Cross-platform multiplayer ( Steam / Oculus )


PC Launch Trailer:  YouTube

PC Multiplayer sailing:  YouTube

PC Version

Mobile Version



"I'm really excited for there to finally be a highly accessible VR sailing experience for the masses"
    Greg Dziemidowicz, co-founder of MarineVerse

"If you are looking for a chill way to unwind in VR and the idea of sailing a boat intrigues you, then you may pleasantly surprised by this ⛵️"
    Tя!cks-or-Tяeats VR, Steam curator

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About the developer

MarineVerse is an international team of creatives and advocates for sailing and emergent technology, with a mission to inspire, train, and connect sailors and to share the unique feeling of sailing with a global audience. Their first mobile project Big Breezy Boat democratizes sailing by bringing entertainment and education together through affordable virtual reality. B3 complements their debiut project - VR Regatta - The Sailing Game that brought sailing to high-end PC VR.

Monetization Permission

MarineVerse allows for the contents of Big Breezy Boat to be published through video broadcasting services for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. Monetization of videos created containing assets from Big Breezy Boat is legally & explicitly allowed by MarineVerse.. This permission can be found in writing at https://www.marineverse.com/big-breezy-boat/presskit#monetization-permission

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