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Partners & Friends

of MarineVerse


WASZP is extremely excited to be working alongside MarineVerse to create more opportunities to grow the sport and introduce more people to the discipline of foiling. The WASZP is the most popular one-design boat in the world today and being a proud Australian company we are glad to be working alongside another innovative Australian based company in MarineVerse. The future is very bright and taking VR technology to the masses has so many new and exciting applications for the sport.

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MarkSetBot is the world’s first robotic sailing mark. Led by a team of passionate sailors and innovators, MarkSetBot strives to grow the sport of sailing and improve the quality of race management through all that they do.

MarkSetBots use GPS technology to hold position and zero in on a specific location which may be dictated through an app or webpage. Changing courses becomes simple as marks are moved by dragging a waypoint and pressing a button. All this can be accomplished with precision greater than that of traditional marks.

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MySail - Go Sailing. Simply.

MySail is a crew finding and management platform for yacht racing.

With MySail, skippers can easily organise and communicate with their regular race crew and find new sailors to join when they are short-handed. For sailors looking for their next - or first - crewing position, MySail provides a platform to connect with skippers and get out on the water more often.

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